The Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality (BBSQ) was established, as per the Standards Act of 2006, as a corporate body operating within the Ministry of Labour. The BBSQ is mandated to establish and maintain standards for all goods, services, practices and processes to protect the health and safety of all Bahamians, safeguard the environment and enhance the economy of The Bahamas. The BBSQ works closely with the government, industries and businesses to enhance the quality of products and services available to the Bahamian people and synchronize national standards with international and regional standards.

Latest News

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CROSQ is Headquartered in Barbados and is the regional center for promoting efficiency and competitive production in goods and services, through the process of standardization and the verification of quality. In this regard, CROSQ aims to support international competitiveness for the enhancement of social and economic development of the region.