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The global economy is driven by the production, development and trade of goods and services. As such, there is a constant desire to upgrade and improve on said goods and services as the global market continues to make advances in technology as it relates to trade and industry. With this social and economic growth comes the need for assurance that the products and services provided for consumption are of a high standard, and thus, are of distinguished quality.

In order to improve on something, it must first be measured. Consumers and professionals alike must be able to rely on the accuracy of measurements. Metrology, which is the science of measurement, provides assurance so as to ensure the overall health and safety of the consumer, the environment, and equity in trade.

There are three divisions of metrology, each with differing levels of complexity and accuracy:

  • Scientific metrology, which deals with the development and organization of measurement standards as well as their maintenance;
  • Industrial metrology, which is concerned with ensuring the adequate functioning of measurement instruments used in manufacturing or production as well as testing processes;
  • Legal metrology, which seeks to establish regulatory requirements of measuring instruments used in trade.

The scope of metrology is far reaching, as it infiltrates both the public and private sectors. Accurate measurements are critical to the proper functioning of society as a whole. In diagnostics and medicine, for example, incorrect measurements can have serious consequences. Additionally, the volume of gas that is put into our vehicles or the weight of the produce we purchase at the grocery store must all be verified.

The Metrology unit at Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality (BBSQ) has been mandated under the Weights and Measures Act (2006) to regulate all weights and measurement activities within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and has been tasked with ensuring that consistency, fairness and equity in trade within The Bahamas is confirmed, documented and supported with facts. The Metrology team has received training both locally and internationally, and is equipped with calibrated reference and working standards ensuring traceability to the SI (International System of Units).


The Metrology unit seeks to offer the following:

  • Verification of weighing instruments such as scales
  • Verification of fuel dispensers at gas stations
  • Calibration services
  • Product inspection
  • Investigation of consumer complaints as they relate to measurements

What’s next:

  • Verification of Pipettes
  • Verification of Thermometers
  • Mass and Volume Calibrations


Contact us: 

P.O. Box N-4843, Nassau, Bahamas T 362.1748 E