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Legal Metrology Department
Fee schedule

I.D. Number Type of Device Fees Verification Cycle
Weighing Instruments
01 Scale - Maximum capacity of 20 kg (44 pounds) $40.00 Each Scale Annually
02 Scale - Maximum capacity above 20 kg up to and including 100 kg $50.00 Each Scale Annually
03 Scale - Maximum capacity above 100 kg up to and including 250 kg $65.00 Each Scale Annually
04 Scale - Maximum capacity above 250 kg up to and including 500 kg $90.00 Each Scale Annually
05 Scale - Maximum capacity above 500 kg up to and including 5000 kg (11,00 pounds) $165.00 Each Scale Annually
06 Scale - Maximum capacity above 5000 kg $265.00 Each Scale Annually
07 Pharmacy balances $65.00 Each Scale Annually
08 Jeweller's balances $65.00 Each Scale Annually
Liquid Fuel Volume Measuring Instruments
09 Fuel pump dispenser nozzle $40.00 Each nozzle Every 6 months
10 Fuel pump dispenser nozzle re-verification $30.00 Each nozzle
11 Flow meter $140.00 Annually
12 Wholesale truck meter $215.00 Annually
Linear Measuring Instruments
13 Steel tapes $45.00 Annually
14 Package inspections No Fee
15 Label assesment No Fee

*** Fee prices are based on a regional average of services within the CARICOM community plus approximately two hours of labour.

*** Please note that any additional time required not at the fault of the Bureau will incur extra service charges.


  1. Certificates $5.00 each
  2. Reports $15.00 (for three reports) and $2.00 for each thereafter
  3. Urgent Results $20.00

Additional Cost

  1. An additional 50% is charge for jobs done on Weekends/Holidays/Outside regular work hours.

Prices listed in $BSD